One of the main base of Trinacria Sailing is Portorosa.

It’s an original touristic harbour, built recently and it’s an important part of a touristic residential village.

The moorings are built on the channel sides and all are sorrunded of gardens.
The moorings are 680, and the ones reserved for the guests are about 70, all of them have services as electric power, water and so we can offer an high standard of assistance for extraordinary maintenance, so Portorosa is one of the most modern touristic harbour in Sicily.

Services: Coast Guard, Piano Bar, Shipyard, Swimming Pool, Fuel Station, Beach and Seaside, Commercial Canter, Discos, Stores, Offices, Restaurants, Yacht’s Club
Sea Depth: Sand and mud.
Depth: 3 meters at the entrance.
Radio whf channel: 9/16
Contacts Portorosa Marina Yachting: Tel +39 0941874280
Moorings: n. 680


From Reggio Calabria: with High Speed FS Travel facility, with catamaran or bus .
From Messina : with private minibus or train until Barcellona PG
FromCatania : with private minibus , Bus or Train
From Palermo : with private minibus or Train until Barcellona PG and the with private minibus

Distance in nautical miles
Distance in nautical Km

Portorosa – Vulcano

17 Nm

Messina – Portorosa

45  km (Highway)

Portorosa – Lipari

20 Nm

Catania – Portorosa

145 km (Highway)

Lipari – Salina

 4 Nm

Reggio Calabria - Messina

20 minuti (Ferry boat )

Lipari – Panarea

12 Nm

Palermo– Portorosa 210 km (Highway)

Salina – Panarea

11 Nm


Salina – Filicudi

15 Nm


Portorosa – Egadi

130 Nm