Pushed from eolo’s breath you could visit the eolie’s archipelago which is one of the most interesting and original thanks to its typical peculiarifies and its contrasts. Savage sceneries of incomparable beauty will bring back you, as if by magic, among the legends mentioned by omero in the odyssey. The Sciara of stromboli, the landing of ginostra, the “calajunco” bay in Panarea, the white beach in Lipari and the sunset of “Pollara”, they are really evocative landscapes. The Egadi islands, natural sea reserve, whith Favignana, Marettimo and Levanzo, will win you with their very white beachs, the “cale” and the caves to visit. Finally Ustica, pearl isolated at 30 miles from coasts of sicily, is the paradise isle of sub.
Lovers of this sport could devote to it some days.
The beauty of these places is enriched with the tastes and the scents of sicily that will remain.
The only ones and unforgettable.